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Heirlooms Forever

The purpose of this site is to promote sewing, sell related products of interest and to introduce you to Heirlooms Forever which is located in Tupelo, MS.

You can navigate around the site in a number of different ways. Icons which represent areas of interest are located on the left side. Use the scroll bar on the right side of the page to scroll the icons and page up and down. When you see an area that interests you click on the icon. Use the "Return to Home Page" link at the bottom of each page to return. Another way to move around the site is to read the text on the home page and click on one of the colored links. This will take you to a particular area. To get a quick over view of the entire web site click on the Site Map icon in the frame or on the Site Map text. The Site Map will display a link to every page that's available.

If you know the product you're looking for, go to the Search page and let the search engine try to find it for you.

As you move about the site any text in blue or red is a link to a page of additional information about that subject. Text in red indicates that you have visited that page before. If you move the cursor over a picture and it turns into a hand, double click on the image to see a larger view. This is most helpful when viewing patterns, plates, books etc. When requesting a larger view, be patient. Some of the images are large and take a while to download. Once the image is displayed, use you browser's back button when you are ready to return.

When you click on a particular area you will be taken to a menu page for that area. From here you can select an area that interests you. At the bottom of most pages, options exist for you to proceed to the next page in that area if one exists, return to the menu area, go to the home page, edit/view your shopping cart or check out.

The shopping cart is unavailable right now, but you can still order from the site. First, write down the product numbers and the quantities you want. Then, call us at 800-840-4275 or email us at orders@sews.com. Make sure you include your name, complete address, and phone number in the email. We will contact you for your payment information. Do not include your credit card information with your order.

Information and products are added to the site on a regular basis so stop back frequently. You can be automatically notified when the site has been updated by E-mailing us with your Internet address and asking to have your name put on the update notification list. You will be notified when major additions to the site have been made. If you have suggestions on how to improve the site or you would like to see something of interest not already on the site, send an E-mail request.

We hope you enjoy the site and happy sewing!

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3112 Cliff Gookin Blvd Tupelo, Mississippi 38801
Telephone: 662-842-4275 Fax: 662-842-2284
For Orders: 800-840-4275

Our store hours are:
Tue-Fri: 10 AM-5 PM
Sat: 10 AM-3 PM
Closed Sunday and Monday

Questions or comments about this web site should be directed to kathy@sews.com.